Do I need a helmet for surfing

Surfing can be a dangerous sport, and taking care of your head is always important. Surfers wear helmets if they are surfing big waves or are surfing near reefs, or any chance there is a good likelihood of hitting your head. Hitting your head and becoming unconscious in the water is a scary thought especially if you are surfing on your own. It is sometimes a good idea to wear a helmet at the most crowded of spots, which can be full of beginners who might not have learnt how to control their boards. You might also see a lot of surf photographers wearing surf helmets for the same reasons.

What are some good surf helmets?

Surf hat helmet full

Gath – Surf Helmet

Gath are known for their lightweight design and snug fitting design. You can take out the ear protectors if you are surfing in hotter environments and put them back on for extra warm and protection during the winter. Comes


Surfing helmet with visor, surf cap

A Vebodi – Soft Surf Helmet

The VEBODI Surf Hat with IMPHACT Helmet provides the ultimate safety and sun protection for water sports enthusiasts. With an integrated helmet and wide brim, it safeguards against impacts and harmful rays. Stay stylish and secure during surfing and other water adventures with this innovative surf hat.

A Vebodi

Surf helmet with ear protection

Simba – Sentinel Surf Helmet

Simba offer an affordable a light weight, low profile shell styled helmet. Look like a fierce Trojan warrior and scare


Hard surfing helmet

Gath – Gedi Surf Protective Helmet with Peak

Another great helmet from Gath. Comes with a peak to keep the sun out of your eyes while you are surfing.


Soft helmet for surfing

DMC – Soft Surf Helmet

A soft surf helmet that provides a lot of worth as well as light protection. With added neck protection to keep that sun off your neck. This DMC helmet comes in three colors white, black, and camo and is worn by Tom Carroll a two time surfing champion.


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