A girl wearing a surf poncho outside.

Surf ponchos have been saving peoples dignity ever since they first hit the car park. They have been coming more and more common over the past years as people come to love their usefulness. Either you are trying to keep your dignity while you are changing before or after a surf or you want to keep warm when your wave checking, a changing poncho really do their job.

This list will be continuously updated through the year with the changing towel ponchos of 2023. Whatever your budget our aim is to keep you in the loop on the best new releases across the spectrum of the surf poncho world. Instead of going to a poncho surf shop, check our list below. We have tried out all the ponchos over the years and here are what we think are the coolest surf ponchos.

What are the best surf ponchos?

Slow Tide – Surf Poncho

Slow Tide have been making surf ponchos for a while now and their quality is second to none. The Dig changing robe is make of durable double layer cotton that will keep you warm in the winter. The pocket and neck poppers make it more versatile than most other surf ponchos.

Slow Tide

Miss Shorthair – Changing Poncho Large

A quick drying mobile changing room made by Miss Shorthair which comes in two different sizes M and XL. This poncho comes with a large front pocket that will keep your hands warm and your things safe inside.

Miss Shorthair

Open Road – Adult Hooded Towel

A great and robust hooded towel changing poncho that is made from 100% cotton, so you know it will keep you dry and warm. In addition to it being a great fit, it also has a large head and hood opening for extra comfort. By buying with Open Roads they donate a portion to SEE, which is a project to help save sea turtles.

Open Road

Nomada – Striped Changing Poncho

Nomada make some great towels and also this great striped changing poncho. No extra frills with this one, but it is solid in construction and the stitching means it will last for a long time. A unisex poncho works for both men and women.


Open Road – Changing Poncho

Another great surf poncho from Open Road, this super cozy large fit changing robe is super absorbent. It allows you that extra warmth after you get out of the ocean or just before you get in. Like most of the ponchos from Open Road it is available in different sizes and colors.

Open Road

A man wearing a comfortable surf poncho.

Nova Blue – Striped Surf Poncho Men

Made from Turkish cotton, this striped surf poncho comes in navy blue and also orange. A simple design that does the job and available at a very affordable price. No pockets on this one, but due to its cut it doubles up nicely as a beach towel.

Nova Blue

Ladies changing poncho

Cor Surf – Best Changing Towel Robe

The Cor Surf robe is a stylish to stay decent while changing in the car park. Available in small, medium, and large. Large fits most adults with its length of 145cm. They are made out of a soft microfiber, soft, fast drying and fade resistant.

Cor Surf

This list is kept updated so you can always find the best surf ponchos. If it’s gotten a little bit cold or you live in a colder climate, why not check out some of the best winter surf ponchos.

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