A women wearing a floral surf hat and a green bucket surf hat.

Surf hats with chin straps have become increasingly popular among water sports enthusiasts, and for good reason. These hats are specifically designed to stay secure on your head, no matter how intense the waves or how strong the wind. The chin straps keep the hat in place, ensuring it doesn’t get lost in the surf, making them an essential accessory for all beach lovers.

Whether you’re a seasoned surfer or a beachgoer seeking to elevate your sun protection game, surf hats with chin straps are a practical and stylish choice. Ever wonder which hats to wear while surfing?

What are the best surf hats and surfer hats?

Cosie Pod – Surf Bucket Hat With A Chin Strap

The Surfing Outdoor Activities Hat is the ultimate companion for water sports enthusiasts. With an adjustable chin strap and wide brim, it offers secure fit and optimal sun protection. Lightweight and ideal for surfing, snorkeling, and other water sports, it ensures comfort and style during your beach adventures.

Cosie Pod

Dakine – Snapback Skull Cap

The Dakine Men’s Surf Hat in Black is a sleek and practical accessory for water sports enthusiasts. Featuring a secure chin strap and a wide brim, it provides excellent sun protection during surfing and other water activities. With its comfortable fit and durable design, it’s a must-have for beachgoers and adventurers alike.


Roxy – Surf Bucket Hat Women’s Floral Design

The Roxy Women’s Pudding Surf Hat in Regatta Trippin is a stylish and functional accessory for beach-loving ladies. With its adjustable chin strap and wide brim, it offers excellent sun protection during water sports and beach activities. Stay fashionable and safe under the sun with this comfortable women’s surf hat.


A white plain colored beach bucket hat.

Rip Curl – Blank Bucket Brim Surf Bucket Hat

The Rip Curl Surf Bucket Hat in Grey offers both fashion and practicality. With its stylish design, wide brim, and adjustable chin strap, it guarantees a secure fit and reliable sun protection for all your surfing and beach activities. Embrace the waves in style with this trendy white surf hat.

Rip Curl

Dakine – Surfers Hat With Mesh Chin Strap Clip

The Dakine Surf Trucker Hat in Deep Blue combines style and functionality effortlessly. With a classic trucker design and a mesh back for breathability, it’s perfect for water sports and beach days. Enjoy a secure fit and sun protection with this cool and practical surf hat.


Man by the beach wearing a surfing hat.
Quicksilver Surf Hat Wide Brim

Quiksilver – Visor Bucket Hat

Another bucket hat, this one works great and has a floppy visor that is wide enough to keep the sun out of your eyes and off your face. With a draw string closer it keeps secure around your neck while you surfing through the waves. Made from 100% cotton.


A Vebodi – Helmet Soft

The VEBODI Surf Hat with IMPHACT Helmet provides the ultimate safety and sun protection for water sports enthusiasts. With an integrated helmet and wide brim, it safeguards against impacts and harmful rays. Stay stylish and secure during surfing and other water adventures with this innovative surf hat.

A Vebodi

Surf hats help to keep the sun out of eyes, if you are looking for some better skull protection take a look at our list of the best surfing helmets.

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