Best beach chairs and beach laungers

What is a beach chair? Simply put it is a beach chair is a chair designed for the beach. Beaches are great, but sometimes you don’t always want to lay down on the beach. Beach chairs have come along way in recent years, now they are lightweight and easy to transport down to the beach. If you find that with the extra beach gear you are struggling to get your things to the beach check out some of the best beach wagons.

What beach chair is best? Lounge chairs? Beach chairs with canopies?

Funky beach chair for reading

Business & Pleasure Co. – Funky Beach Chair For Reading

Who doesn’t love the old classic look, this funky beach chair from Business & Pleasure Co. A comfortable and sturdy chair with wooden arms and a handy pocket, perfect for books or beach accessories. Once folded up this beach chair turns into a two strap backpack, which makes it one of the most portable beach chairs.

Business & Pleasure Co.

Metal wide beach chair

Lawn Chair USA – Strong Webbed Beach Chair

Lawn Chair USA is a family owned business that started in 2010. They make strong and lightweight webbed chairs, they make two different styled chairs. The vintage look comes in plenty of different colored designs so you will find one in the style that fits you best.

Lawn Chair USA

Wooden beach lounge chair pair

Wooden Beach Chair – Set of 2 Foldable Wooden Beach Lounger

Next up we have a pair of wooden beach loungers, made with wood and a quality waterproof fabric. They are an affordable lounge like chair, perfect for the beach and also for your deck at home. They have an adjustable arm at the back so you can sit up right or lounge back and enjoy the sky views while you sleep.

Wooden Beach Chair

Beach chair for two people

Kelty Low – Foldable Two Person Beach Chair

For the close couple out there the Kelty Low two person beach chair is great for a romantic sunset or beach day. Equipped with two insulated drinks pockets, perfect for beers or a hot drink. The large chair comes in a variety of five colors. It also rolls up nicely and could fit into your beach wagon.

Kelty Low

Beach chair with a pocket great for reading

OmniCore – Heavy Duty Beach Chair with Pockets

If you are looking for a solid chair that is lightweight and breathable then this is for you, with a soft neck or head pillow it is comfortable as well. Foldable and easy to setup within seconds so you can get to enjoying your beach time as soon as possible. Comes in a pack of two.


Beach chair with a canopy

Caribbean Joe – Beach Chair With Canopy

Instead of having a beach chair and umbrella this funky chair from Caribbean Joe has a sun canopy that does the job. It has a side pocket for your books, keys, or phone. On the other side there is a drinks holder for beers, tea, or coffee.

Caribbean Joe

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