Surf locks a small yet safe way to keep your keys safe while you are surfing. Lock boxes have come along way in recent years. They are a lot more safe than they used to be. Surf car locks come in different shapes and sizes, most of them are number locks. No keys needed to open your surf box while your keys are inside.

Where to put my keys while surfing?

There are many places to store your keys while surfing. A lot of people opt for hiding it someone around the car or burying them in the sand while they surf. A surf lock is the safest way to store your keys while you surf. While you park your car you should still think about parking in busy areas with people walking around. Some spots are notorious for thieves , who wait for you to enter the water and then steal from you. Even with a surf key lock you should still take extra car with not leaving things on show inside the car.

Key pad code for key lock box

Amir – Combination Lock Box for Keys

Our most highly recommend surf key box a strong box with a number cover to help with the oceans’ weather. With a 12 number passcode you know it’s going to be secure.


Surfing key box with number lock

Realtor – Key Lock Box

One of the most highly rated surf boxes that are available on the market. The large box inside can hold up to five keys at a time.


Keep your keys safe while surfing

Iron Lock – Cable Shackle Surf Lock Box

Made from aluminium and zinc this great little box keeps your keys safe while you are surfing and also is easy and small enough to store in your car when you are not.

Iron Lock

Black lock box for surfing

Brinks – Surf Key Box

A highly rated surf key box which has a strong steel loop shackle. Made for outdoors and looks secure. The Brinks surf key box has a four number lock combination system and can hold up to 10 cards or keys.


Best Choice

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