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Looking for the best surf spots in Taiwan?

Warm sunny weather in the South, good value for accommodation, easy transport, and peaceful breaks. Surfing in Taiwan is soon to be the new surfer’s paradise. With over 50 different breaks to choose from, all varying in difficulty level, mainly from beginner to intermediate with a couple difficult spots. Taiwan has some of the best surf spots.

Every year Taiwan increases it’s reputation as a great surfing destination, with its summer typhoon waves and consistent winter swells Taiwan is a great surfing location. Taiwan is a small island with waves all around the island. The North West of Taiwan, Yilan district is the closest to Taipei and therefore one of the busiest spots. The South and East offer some of the best waves, Hawaii landscapes with crystal clear peelers. Taiwan has a lot to offer everyone, from beginners to professionals, check out below for some reasons to visit Taiwan and the best surf spots in Taiwan.


5 Top Surfing Spots In Taiwan

Surfing Wushi Harbor Taiwan

Probably one of the busiest surf spots in Taiwan due to its convenience to Taipei. Wushi Harbor or Beiti offers lefts but mostly rights. Beiti is a sand beach break that has waves all year round. The best time to surf there is in winter, but during typhoon swells in the summer some world class waves really roll on through.

Learn to surf Taiwan. Yilan, Waiao beach.

If you are looking to learn to surf in Taiwan Waiao Surf N Sport offer a great some great professional Taiwan surf camp packages.

Jialeshui Surfing Taiwan Kenting

Down in the south of Taiwan Jialeshui is one of the most famous long boarding waves for surfing in Taiwan. Jialeshui is not super crowded and always has a friendly atmosphere, a popular beach for both surfers and beach goers. There is a left hander on the left side of the bay and a right hander in the center near the river mouth. The right hander is bigger and more punchier than left. 

Fulong surfing taiwan

To the East of Taipei Fulong offers a great white sand beach thats friendly for all. The best waves come through on South Easterly swells, the land mass to the South of the beach helps to protect from the wind and produces some clean long rides, both lefts and rights. You can see the wave from the car park, where there are lots of facilities and an interesting temple. Worth a check if you are doing an island surf tour.

Surfing Jinzhun Taiwan

Jinzun harbor has a main spot where a lot of competitions are held, it’s mainly a right hand break with some fun short lefts. In the same area there are two more places, first is a nice more technical left to the North end of the beach. To the south end of the harbor is a spot called XiaoYuGang 小鱼港, which on an Easterly Swell or North Easterly makes a beautiful clean long left.

Surfing Daxi Taiwan

The last spot on our list is Daxi or Honeymoon Bay, a quieter spot as you can only access to the beach by car. Daxi is a picturesque surfing spot that makes you feel like your in Hawaii, lush green flora with scenic views of the mountains. Another sand beach break that works best in Winter. Saying that in summer it really can hold the swell.


For more information on surfing in Taiwan, check out:

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