Surfing balance, how to train your balance

Every surfer inevitably hits that plateau: you’re able to catch waves on your own, and your pop up is getting faster every time. But once you’re up, it feels like a coin toss whether or not you’re able to ride into the beach. Your surf balance isn’t quite up to task.

For intermediate and advanced surfers, the challenge is similar. In order to progress, and finally start landing those tricks, you need to improve your balance. Here are five easy ways to improve your balance for surfing. Read below for some surf balance tricks.


Exercise Your Core

Balance in surfing comes mainly from a strong core, so adopting a range of core exercises into your daily workout routine will go a long way in improving your balance for surfing. 

These exercises can include kneeling or crouching on a swiss ball to boost your control over your centre of gravity, or even standing on a swiss ball if you’re up to it. Check out the video above to watch a series of exercise to improve your balance while surfing. 


Take Up Skateboarding 

Try as we might, surfers are not actually water mammals; you have to get out of the water at some point! Fortunately, super keen surfers have an excellent land hobby in the form of skateboarding. 

Unlike the ocean’s often fickle tides and swell patterns, skateboarding allows for constant repetition no matter the time of day. The sport also requires a high amount of balance and coordination, with the back foot controlling the board in the same way that it does on a surfboard. This means that surfers can practice balance drills and tricks on a skateboard, and improve their control on a board even on flat days. WIthout a doubt, skateboarding will help you become a better surfer. 

Carver – Surf Skate

Carver are known for their carving skateboards that really help you to learn to surf on the land. Skateboarding will help with your balancing for surfing, but it might hurt a little more hitting the ground as opposed to hitting water.


Use a Balance Board 

Using a balance board can vastly improve your balance for surfing, without even needing to leave the house! Work on being able to balance on the board as long as possible without letting it touch the ground, and you’ll find your core strength and balance will rapidly improve. 

STAASH – Balance Board

Something to do from your own home, a balance board is a great way to practice moves while not getting wet. Practice your hang tens and hang fives from the safety of your own home. STAASH make a 100% recycled board.


Get a Slackline 

This is a great one to do with friends at the park. Setting up a slackline is one of the more entertaining exercises to improve your balance for surfing. After a few beers in the sun, you won’t even realise you’re doing serious balance training.  

Gibbon – Long Slackline

Gibbon have been the market leader for slacklines since they started in 2007. If you have a park nearby which has some strong trees, why not buy a slackline and set it up. Slacklines are a great way to train your surf balance, especially walking on the board and your crouch standup.


Start the Day with Balancing Exercises 

For those keen to avoid the gym, here are some simple leg balance exercises to improve your surfing balance. 

  • Elevated split squats
  • Squat jumps
  • Single leg deadlifts
  • Pistol squats 

These exercises are great for muscle strengthening, and will vastly improve your balance for surfing. 

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