Which Celebrities Can Surf?

Surfing Celebrities – Celebrities that surf.

Ever wondered which celebrities can surf and enjoy surfing? Most people have a hobby or a passion, so you never know who you might see out in the water with you. From Barrack Obama body surfing to Lady Gaga riding some waves.

Adam Sandler surfing.

Adam Sandler a self confessed bad surfer, on Conan O’Brien he mentioned that “My body is just not meant for it”. Still looks like he is having a lot of fun on this wave in Malibu.

Andrew Garfield surfing.

Anthony Kiedis surfing.

Ashley Greene surfing.

Avril Lavigne surfing.

Barack Obama surfing.

Bella Thorne surfing.

Ben Affleck surfing.

Brooke Shields surfing.

Cameron Diaz surfing.

Chris Martin surfing.

Courteney Cox surfing.

David Beckham surfing.

Eddie Vedder surfing.

Emma Stone surfing.

Gerard Butler surfing.

Gisele Bündchen surfing.

Helen Hunt surfing.

Hilary Duff surfing.

Jaden Smith surfing.

Jason Mraz surfing.

Jennifer Aniston surfing.

Jennifer Garner surfing.

Jennifer Lawrence surfing.

Jo Jonas surfing.

Lady Gaga surfing.

Liev Schreiber surfing.

Luciana Barroso surfing.

Matt Damon surfing.

Matthew McConaughey surfing.

Minnie Driver surfing.

Orlando Bloom surfing.

Paris Hilton surfing.

Peter Andre surfing.

Prince William of Wales surfing.

Reese Witherspoon surfing.

Rob Lowe surfing.

Sean Penn surfing.

Sean Penn Surfing

Steve Carell surfing.

Vanessa Hudgens surfing.

Zac Efron surfing.

Top Tip: Always take a camera out with you as you never know who is surfing with you.

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