6 Best surfing youtube channels, surfing videos


Top Surfing YouTube Channels for surfers.

Surfing videos are great entertainment, a free way to get a buzz when the waves aren’t so perfect or the nights are dark. Other uses would be they are a wonderful way to learn new tips or places to take surf trips. Check out some of these top surfing youtubers.

Jamie O’Brien YouTube channel

Jamie O'Brien YouTube Channel

About YouTuber: Jamie O’Brien is a professional surfer come youtube vlogger. He gives you the chance to follow his surfing life through his videos. He is a red bull sponsored youtuber who back in 2004 won pipe masters beating out Sunny Garcia by over 4 points.


You can even buy one of Jamie O’Briens own brand and style of surfboards.

Ben Gravy YouTube channel

Ben Gravy YouTube Channel

About YouTuber: Ben Gravy is a youtube vlogger who makes unique and fun surfing videos. Ben is also one of the inventors of his own music genre named “coffee shop murder rap”. Have a look at his soundcloud.


Ben Gravy sells some of hist semi pro van surf t shirt.

BEEFS T.V. YouTube channel

Beefs TV YouTube Channel

About YouTuber: BEEFS T.V. – Documenting everything from surfing, friends, waves, softboarding, skimboarding, boogie boarding , eats it, kooks and anything else from around the beaches of Southern California.

PRO Skimboarders pull off INSANE rides in PUMPING waves!

Ricochet Surf Dog YouTube channel

Dog Surfing YouTube Channel

About YouTuber: Ricochet Surf Dog if you haven’t noticed is a surfing dog, he works a lot with kids with special needs and over disabilities. Just a cool calm cat on the waves.

Meet dog surfing extraordinaire, Surf Dog Ricochet

Log Rap YouTube channel

Log Rap Surfing YouTube Channel

About YouTuber: Log Rap – great edits and great longboarders. Log Rap does when it says on the box, surfing longboarders with rap music. If you want to watch stylish longboaders and listen to some good music check out log rap. Each video captures a surfing culture perfectly.


John John Florence YouTube channel

John John Florence YouTube Channel

About YouTuber: John John Florence is a Hawaiian-born competition winner with many trophies under his belt. John puts his life down on film for everyone to see.

“Twelve” Ep. 1 of 7

Top Tip: Why not film yourself while surfing, great to see yourself and learn something.

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