Best Surf Slings.

Surf slings have become more fashionable over recent years. Surf slings are a great way to carry your board and gear to the beach, while keeping your hands free. If you are finding it difficult to carry your surfboard surf slings are an answer.

Sure you can make your own with some string and a couple knots, but if you rate convenience check out some of these.

SUP Now board sling.

sup board carry

A solid strap design for carrying your sup board of longboard. The pros are its very lightweight and super easy to attach to your board. Comes with a small pouch for your water bottle or sunscreen.

NorthCore surf straps.

surfboard carry

More of a surf back pack strap then a sling, but still a great way to transport your board. The Northcore shoulder straps make it a comfortable way to carry your board. Not recommended for long boarders unless you are Robert Wadlow.

Curve surfboard sling carrier.

surf shortboard sling

A surf sling for shortboards, the Curve surf sling is a easy to use and comfortable sling to carry your board. Comes with a larger pocket to put all your beach gear inside. Sturdy adjustable straps, and tough canvas material, all good quality and built to last.

Curve longboard surf sling.

curve surf sling

Same as the curve shortboard sling carry, just more tailored for a fat wide longboard. These surf slings are made from made tuff 600D poly canvas and have large pocket with mesh for water drainage.

Top Tip: Instead of buying/making a surf rack for your bicycle, just use a surf sling.


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