The best surf hats and surf caps 2021

Best surfing hats and caps

Surf cap amazon review.

Surf hats are often over looked but are a vital sun protection and are highly recommended. Going surfing with just a hat is possible, but if you have ever taken an expected wipe out or wave to the face you might end up searching for it in the white wash. Surf hats or surf caps have chin straps which help to keep your hat in place.

What makes a good surf hat? You are looking for a hat that keeps your face protected from the suns rays and one that fits comfortably under your chin to help to stop you loosing your hat in the ocean.

Dakine Surf Cap

Surf hat with a clip

This is a top favourite surf hat with a easy to use chin strap. It is made out of quick drying polyester and is rated at UPF 50+. The mesh ear straps are comfortable and still allow you to hear if you are dropping in on someone. The cap provides enough shade to cover your eyes while surfing, but not big enough to really effect your duck dive.

 Ocean and Earth Sun Protection Surf Hat

Surf hat with neck cover

A all round protection surf bucket hat with a brim and neck protections. The buckle on this hat is more secure then other hats. The inner of this hat and the straps are padded with neoprene so its super comfortable to wear. There is a open vent at the back of this surf hat, the idea being when you duck dive the water will escape out towards the back.

Dakine Surf Trucker Baseball Cap

Surf cap with a strap

A solid surf hat with a bigger brim. This hat has a UPF rating of 50+, (Ultraviolet Protection Factor) with a rating of 50+ this meaning that the fabric blocks 98% of the suns rays. The Dakine trucker hat is made of soft fabric which helps to make it a great comfortable all round hat

Dakine Indo Surf Bucket Hat

Surf bucket hat

Dakine are known for making some good surf accessories and this one is no different, a slim low profile bucket surf hat that provides all around sun protection. The brim flips back for paddling and the straps can be hidden for day to day use.

Quiksilver Boardmaster Surf Trucker Hat – Sleet

Quicksilver surf cap

A classic snapback look, it would hard to tell if your not just surfing in a regular surf hat. The Quiksilver boardmasters surf hat overs all-round great protection. The mess on the back of the hat helps to let your head breath. If its a really hot day some might need some sunscreen to protect your head!

O’Neill 2mm Surfing Skull Cap

Surf cap O'Neill cold water

Some people don’t get the luxury of surfing in slightly warm or warm climates and for those people this 2 mm thick neoprene skull cap works like a charm. The low profile neoprene cap provides the warmth and the small visor to help protect your eyes.

Top Tip: Hats wash up onto the beach, so even though they are more secure then just a hat, they can’t always stop the power of the ocean.

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