Mark Zuckerberg Sunscreen Hydro Foiling Photo Meme Explained.

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Mark Zuckerberg Foiling Around

Mark Zuckerberg become even more famous last year with his infamous sunscreen hydro foiling meme. He finally gets around to telling us what his reasons are behind the look, and it still doesn’t make sense.

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During a recent Instagram Live session, he said: “I really should have thought that one through more. I noticed there was this paparazzi guy following us and, so I was like, ‘Oh I don’t want him to recognize me so you know what I’m gonna do? I’m just gonna put a ton of sunscreen on my face.’

“And that backfired.”

He then said – stating the absolute obvious – that ‘no one needs to be wearing that much sunscreen’.

Adding: “I’m glad people can laugh about it. I laugh about it and I think it’s pretty funny.”

The now infamous image was taken in July 2020, and it sparked a huge influx of memes as people tried to make sense of what they had witnessed.

Mark Zuckerberg was originally snapped in July 2020 hydro foiling around Hawaii, his excessive use of sun screen started a thread of memes of Zuck.

Mark Zuckerberg Memes

Mark Zuckerberg Sun Screen

Sun Screen Meme Mark Zuckerberg

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His other explanation for the image was spoken about during a Q&A that took place in August 2020.

According to The Verge, he had previously said: “I’m not a person who’s under the illusion that I look particularly cool at any point with what I’m doing.

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