Where to put your keys while surfing?

The age old question of what to do with your car keys when you go surfing, it’s always a difficult one as people out there do target surfers and their boards. If you want to take a step up from hiding your keys under your wheel arch and you don’t really trust leaving a bag with your valuables on the beach then check out some of these surf key locks

Of course you can just keep your key with you while you surf, a lot easier especially if you have a vehicle in its later ages of life.

7Pen combo lock.

7pen combo lock

Tamper-proof, weatherproof, and some other proofs. The 7pen combo lock boasts heaps of inside space which will help keep your car keys safe while you are out in the waves.

Shapers key safe.

surf key locks

Shapers have made a sturdy 4 digit key lock for your keys, they really do keep your keys safe while you surf. Easy to use and hold, especially useful when you can’t feel your hands after a solid winter session.

Wordlock key lock.

wordlock key lock

For some people words are easier to remember then number. A well designed word padlock for your keys. My top tip would be don’t choose a word surf related.

Northcore keypod.

northcore keypod

Northcore make a lot of good quality products and this one is no different. A robust design that is weather resistant but still provides enough space for your essentials.

Top Tip: You can also try burring your keys in a ziplock bag under your towel.