How to dry out your wetsuit after surfing

How to dry out a wet suit

Best way to dry out your wetsuit

Drying out your wetsuit after surfing is essential to make sure you get the most life out of your wetsuit. Once you have chosen the right wetsuit you know they can be quite expensive and not taking good care of them just leads to another shopping trip.

How to dry your wetsuit fast

When you get out of the water after a good or bad surf session it’s time to take care of your surf equipment. When you put on your surf poncho and take off your suit try to take it off slowly to avoid extra stretch of the seams. Put down a surf changing mat on the floor to help keep your wetsuit clean and avoid abrasion from the ground.

Rinse and Hang your wetsuit

As soon as you wash out your wetsuit with fresh water, this cleans your suit and helps wash away the salt. Make sure you do a good job with wash all the salt off, salt loves to hide in the seams and slowly degrade your neoprene over time. Every so often you can also use wetsuit shampoo to get your suit super clean and stop some nasty odours.

Squeeze out the water

Now your suit is full of fresh water its time to get that out as quick as possible, any moisture will erode your suit overtime. Hang up your suit by folding it in half through a coat hanger, allowing the legs and arms to dangle down. Hanging a suit up my the neck will stretch it out and you will end up with a flabby neck, not great on a brisk cold day. After it’s been hanged correctly wait about 10mins and the water will pool in the arms and the legs of the suit, squeeze that out, but don’t twist and pull.

Leave your wetsuit to dry

It’s time to leave your suit to dry on its hanger, when it feels dry then its time to flip your wetsuit inside out. This will make sure all of it is dry. Your bathroom is a good well ventilated room, to speed up the drying process you can use a dehumidifier. If you are going to hang it up outside make sure its in the shade, the sun can damage the glue on your suit.

How to dry out a wetsuit

Extra tip

Don’t put your wetsuit in the dryer, even if its on a low setting. Lots of people say that they do it, but it will start to weakening the glue and your suit won’t be as strong in the future.

Top Tip: When getting out of your wetsuit use a changing mat to protect your suit.


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