Eco-Friendly Surf Brands

How to be an environmentally conscious surfer.

As avid surfers taking care of the environment in which we play is a good idea. Sometimes it’s not always easy to know which brands are eco-friendly surf brands or how some products are eco-friendly surf products. From Eco Surf wax to Eco surf ponchos here is a guide on which surf products can help you to be a more environmentally conscious surfer and water sports user.

Voited winter surf poncho.

Recycled materials.

This super warm winter poncho is made from recycled materials. Aside from being insanely comfortable it is also super strong and made from ripstop so it will be easy to repair. Micro fibre towel on the inside and water and wind resistant on the outside. For more ultra warm winter surf ponchos.

Wave Tribe Eco-Friendly hemp surfboard bag.

Made from hemp.

Wave Tribe make this well rated hemp surfboard bag in different sizes. They have a surfboard bag which is designed for a 6′ fish to a 10′ log. The bag comes with a 6mm think protection and rust proof zips so no more salty rusty stuck zips. One surfboard per bag.

Citizen Eco Dive Watch.

Citizen Eco Dive Watch
Light fueled battery.

This Citizen Eco-Dive watch converts any light into battery power, so no more battery waste from watches. Its a small help for the planet but as always anything little things helps. The watch itself has a water proof rating of 300m and a soft rubber band to keep it comfortable on your wrist.

Conscious surf socks.

surfing socks
Give Back

Conscious step organic cotton fair trade vegan socks that protect oceans. The socks are made from 75% Organic Cotton, 15% Elastane, 8% Polyamide, and 2% Spandex. Apart from their appeasing design they also help protect our oceans, an easy way to slowly become an environmentally conscious surfer.

Top Tip: Its nearly impossible to be an completely eco-friendly surfer, but changing up a couple of your surf products will still be worthwhile.