Airline Surfboard Policy

Flying with a surfboard.

If you are looking at going on a surf trip or relocating its important to know what the costs are for flying with your surfboard, shortboard or longboard. Here is an extensive list of the major airlines and how much it is to fly a surfboard with them in 2020.

Disclaimer: I cannot guarantee that all this information is 100% correct as airlines change their policies regularly. I aim to keep updating this when I find new information. Please use this as a rough guide and always check with the airline for surfboard fees beforehand.




Aer Lingus – Surfboard fee: Free – $100.

One board per passenger. Normal excess baggage rates apply if you carry in excess to this maximum allowance.

Max weight: 23kg
Max length international: 2.77m/110in
Max length regional: 2.05m/80in

Aer Lingus surfboard fees / baggage policy.

Aeroflot – Surfboard fee: Free – $150.

Surfboards up to 5’5ft or 168cm are considered as regular baggage, if you exceed more then 50lbs (23kg) you will be charged with excess baggage fees.

Max weight: 45kg
Max length international: 2.77m/110in
Max length regional: 2.05m/80in

Aerolineas Argentinas – Surfboard fee: $100.

You are allowed one bag but the length cannot exceed more then 300cm.

Max length: 300cm

Aerolineas Argentinas surfboard fees / baggage policy.

Aero Mexico – Surfboard fee: $75-150.

One-way within Mexico is $75 USD. International flights are $150. Fee is per case; up to 3 boards per case. Max length on a narrow-body cabin is 204cm. Max length on a wide-body cabin is 294cm.

Max length: 115in 294cm
Max weight: 70lb 32kg

Aero Mexico surfboard fees / baggage policy.

Air Asia – Surfboard fee: Free-$35.

Your surfboard needs to be packaged in a recognized surfboard bag. They also have a free surfboard policy, if you are departing to and from Australia in this case you are allowed one surfboard bag with a max weight of 15kg.

Max length: 277cm/109in
Max weight: 32kg

Air Asia surfboard fees / baggage policy.

Air Calin – Surfboard fee: Free – $100.

New Caledonia’s carrier is groovy when it comes to boards, letting you take a 23kg board bag in addition to your 23kg hold bag. Good work fellas.

Max dimensions: 300cm (L+W+H)
Max weight: 23kg

Air Calin surfboard fees / baggage policy.

Air Canada – Surfboard fee: $75.

Board bag counts as one of your checked bags. You can pre-register when booking. Boards packed in a rigid and/or hard-shell container specifically designed for shipping.

Boards packed in a soft-sided container.

Boards not packed in a container: Air Canada will provide a plastic transport bag.

Fins must be removed from the board. fees

Max length: 292cm 115in
Max width: 60cm 24in
Max weight: 23kg

Air Canada surfboard fees / baggage policy.

Air France – Surfboard fee: $75 – $150.

Free as your checked luggage item (except for Light and Basic fare tickets). Prior approval from the customer service department is required. You must submit your request at least 48 hours before your flight’s departure. But check their site for North America where fees apply.

Max length: 300cm
Max weight: 23kg

Air France surfboard fees/ baggage policy.

Air New Zealand – Surfboard fee: Free – $150.

They have different sizes planes so best to contact them to see if your board can fit in their plane.

Max length: 200cm – 250cm
Max weight: 32kg

Air New Zealand surfboard fees/ baggage policy.

Air Tahiti Nui – Surfboard fee: Free.

Air Tahiti Nui allows one free sports equipment item on its operated flights in addition to your normal free checked baggage. All depending on the cabin of travel, frequent flyer status, weight, and dimensions of luggage.

Max length: 250cm 98in
Max weight: 23kg 50lbs

Air Tahiti Nui surfboard fees/ baggage policy.

Air Emirates – Surfboard fee: Free – Varies.

The total dimensions (length + width + height) of the entire division of sporting equipment must not exceed 300cm (118 inches). Any sporting equipment with total dimensions exceeding 300cm (118 inches ) cannot be transported as checked baggage and must be sent as cargo or freight. Maximum Weight for Economy Class Passengers is 50 lb/23 kg.

Max length: 300cm combined L/W/H
Max weight: 23kg 50lbs

Air Emirates surfboard fees/ baggage policy.

Air Europa – Surfboard fee: $85 + applicable tax.

Only a limited number of surfboards are allowed between different Canary Island flights and is subject to the request made by the customer service department.

Max weight: 23kg
Max length international: 250cm
Max length regional: 158cm

Air Europa surfboard fees / baggage policy.

Air India – Surfboard fee: $200.

Surf Boarding equipment – The will be charged 50% of the excess baggage charge. Such kit can be pooled in the Free Baggage Allowance but only 1 per passenger. Excess weight due to additional kit shall be charged as an extra piece. 

Max weight: 32kg

Air India surfboard fees / baggage policy.

Air Pacific (Fiji Airlines) – Surfboard fee: $50-$100.

Notes: These charges apply to surfboards exceeding 158cm (5’1 ft) but not exceeding 277cm (9’0 ft) in total dimension, at a maximum weight of 23kg (50lbs).

Max dimensions: 277cm 109in
Max weight: 23kg

Air Pacific (Fiji Airlines) surfboard fees/ baggage policy.

Air Transat – Surfboard fee: $100.

Please arrive early to allow sufficient time for proper handling. Additional baggage and/or excess weight is subject to space availability and may be refused for operational reasons.

Max dimensions: 365cm
Max weight: 32kg 70lb

Air Transat surfboard fees/ baggage policy.

Alaska Airlines – Surfboard fee: $100.

On Alaska Airlines flights operated with 737 or Airbus aircraft the equipment may measure a maximum 115″ (9 ft., 7 in.) in length alone. On Alaska Airlines flights 2000-2999 and 3330-3499 the maximum combined dimensions may not exceed 115″ (linear).

Max length 737 or Airbus: 115in.
Max length 2000-2999-3330-3499: Length + W + H cannot exceed 115in.

Alaska Airlines surfboard fees/ baggage policy.

Alitalia – Surfboard fee: $40-$140.

Please always check that your sports equipment is properly and securely packaged: in a rigid container that cannot be bent out of shape.

Max dimensions:  300cm
Max weight: 32kg

Alitalia surfboard fees/ baggage policy.

American Airlines – Surfboard fee: $150.

The American airlines that are left have taken a real anti-surfer stance which is pretty ironic considering the Californian roots of most of the world’s idea of surf culture. Anyhoose. AA at least don’t outright ban them like some other carriers but one to be careful with. Domestic and foreign flights are charged at $150 USD.

Max dimensions: 320cm 126in
Max weight: 32kg 70lbs

American Airlines surfboard fees/ baggage policy.

American Eagle – Surfboard fee: $150.

$150 regardless of the number of checked bags. Lightweight surfboards packaged in a single bag that weighs less than 70 lbs. will be accepted as a single surfboard for charging purposes. Through and from Brazil: Surfboard charge for first board checked is $37.50; any additional surfboards are charged $75.00.

Max length: 320cm 126in
Max weight: 32kg 70lbs

American Eagle surfboard fees/ baggage policy.

Asiana Airlines – Surfboard fee: Free to complicated.

Depends on the route you are traveling and the departure city. Your board will go free providing the dimensions of your boards are under 277cm. If you cross this threshold you need to contact the airline directly.

Max dimensions: 277cm
Max weight: 23kg

Asiana Airlines surfboard fees/ baggage policy.

Austrian Airlines – Surfboard fee: $80 – $280.

Prices differ depending on the length of flight, domestic flights vs long intercontinental flights.

Max length: 200cm

Austrian Airlines surfboard fees/ baggage policy.

Avianca – Surfboard fee: $125-$150.

You can take a triple board bag in addition to your hold bag with Colombia’s national carrier.

Max dimensions: 370cm
Max weight: 32kg

Avianca (TACA) surfboard fees/ baggage policy.

Azores Airlines – Surfboard fee: $150.

The Boards and Kayak must be transported in an individualized volume;
Proper resistant bag with properly Boards and Kayak packed, so it can support and protect the contents of the normal conditions of the transport of fragile luggage. – Properly packed boards.

Max length: 240cm
Max width: 60cm x 50cm
Max weight: 10kg +

Azores Airlines surfboard fees/ baggage policy.


Bahamas Air – Surfboard fee: $75 – $150.

Treated as a checked bag. One surfboard per case up to 6 feet in length; except items weighing more than one hundred pounds (100lbs) will not be accepted as checked baggage. We recommend that surfboards travel in a hard-sided (rather than soft-sided) case to prevent damage. See checked bag policy above.

Max length: 182cm
Max weight: 100lbs

Bahamas Air surfboard fees/ baggage policy.

British Airways – Surfboard fee: Free – $60.

You can take surfboards and kayaks with paddles as part of your checked baggage provided they don’t exceed the maximum weight restrictions, are max. 190 x 75 x 65cm (75 x 29.5 x 25.5in) and packed in a recognised bag or case to safeguard against damage.

If your bag exceeds your piece allowance you may need to pay an extra bag charge or, if it is more than the free weight allowed, an overweight baggage charge.

Larger surfboards, kayaks, canoes and paddles need to be sent as cargo with our partner IAG Cargo.

Max length: 190cm
Max width: 75cm
Max weight: 23kg

British Airways surfboard fees/ baggage policy.


Cathay Pacific – Surfboard fee: $150 – $600.

We will not accept a bag over 32kg / 70lbs in weight or 203cm / 80in long in total dimension without prior approval. Your bag’s total dimension is the sum of its width, height and length. We do not recommend to fly your board with Cathay Pacific or Cathay Dragon.

Max dimensions: 80in 203cm
Max weight: 70lbs 32kg

Cathay Pacific surfboard fees/ baggage policy.

Cebu Pacific Air – Surfboard fee: $50 – $60

Ride the waves like a pro! Make sure your surfboard is loaded on your flight. Book that space now!

Max length: 6ft

Cebu Pacific surfboard fees/ baggage policy.

Condor – Surfboard fee: $55 – $135.

Subject to mandatory registration Comprising 1 board + 1 mast + 1 sail or for kiteboards, max. 2 boards, 3 kites, harness, bar/control and safety lines and wetsuit, all stowed in one piece of baggage.

The dimensions must be reported to verify that the item can be transported.

Charges and mandatory registration do not apply to bodyboards/boogie boards (transported free of charge if within the free baggage allowance, otherwise transported at the excess baggage rate).

Max length: 300cm
Max width: 40cm x 60cm
Max weight: 30kg

Condor surfboard fees/ baggage policy.

Copa Airlines – Surfboard fee: $150.

The maximum weight allowed is 100 pounds (45 kilograms), and the maximum size allowed is 115 linear inches (294 linear centimeters). Passengers MUST make reservations for their board bags when they purchase their ticket or at least 48 hours before their flight and Copa only allows 3-4 board bags per flight (depending on the aircraft).

Copa Airlines will allow a maximum of two surfboards per passenger, packed in the same bag.

Max length: 294cm 115in
Max weight: 45kg

Copa Airlines surfboard fees/ baggage policy.

Croatia Airlines – Surfboard fee: $40 – $220

Prices differ between the size of the board and where you are traveling too. $40 if you fly within Croatia and $220 if you are flying intercontinental.

Max length: 350cm 
Max weight: 32kg

Croatia Airlines surfboard fees / baggage policy.


Delta Airlines – Surfboard fee: $200.

You can check one surfboard for $200 each way on most domestic and international routes.

Max dimensions: 115in 292cm
Max weight: 100lb 45kg

Delta Airlines surfboard fees/ baggage policy.


Easy Jet – Surfboard fee: $50-$60.

You can buy one piece of sport equipment per customer.
You can buy a maximum of six items per booking online – even if there are more than six of you. If you need more please speak to our Customer Service team. You can pool the total weight allowances for your sports equipment and hold luggage, as long as no single item weighs more than 32kg. (For example: If you have a total weight allowance of 52kg you could bring hold luggage weighing 31kg and sports equipment weighing 21kg). We have two size allowances for sports equipment:

Max weight: 32kg

Easy Jet surfboard fees/ baggage policy.

Egypt Air – Surfboard fee: Can be carried as checked baggage.

Not included in the free baggage allowance.less than 2 meters and maximum 32 kg kilogram.

When packing a surfboard, keels or kedges must be removed or crated in such a manner so as to prevent damage to other baggage and the customer must sign a limited release bag tag.

Must be suitably packed in rigid or soft shell container specially designed for shipping.

Max length: 200cm
Max weight: 32kg

Egypt Air surfboard fees/ baggage policy.

EI AI – Surfboard fee: Free

As of August 4th , 2019, EL AL customers will be able  to send their sports equipment as checked baggage in addition to their suitcase, at no extra cost.

Max dimensions: 277cm
Max weight: 32kg

EL AL surfboard fees / baggage policy.

Emirates – Surfboard fee: $200.

One of the main carriers from Europe to wave rich wonders of Asia features modern planes and a stop off in pleasurable, if not a tad pricey, Dubai. Board bag goes as part of your checked allowance if within weight. As always check directly if you’re taking an extra hold bag.

Max dimensions: 118in 300cm
Max weight: 23kg

Emirates surfboard fees / baggage policy.

Etihad– Surfboard fee: $200.

Surfer friendly and a nice new fleet of planes. Board bag is part of your checked allowance.

Max dimensions: 300cm
Max weight: 32kg

Etihad airlines surfboard fees / baggage policy.

Ethiopian Airlines – Surfboard fee: $200

Surfer friendly and a nice new fleet of planes. Board bag is part of your checked allowance.

Max length: 300cm 
Max weight: 32kg

Ethiopian Airlines surfboard fees / baggage policy.

EVA Air – Surfboard fee: Free – $332.

The baggage allowance depends on the airport and destination. They have lots of different rules for sizes and destinations, please check their policy for more information.

Max length: 203cm
Max weight: 26kg

EVA Air surfboard fees / baggage policy.


Finnair – Surfboard fee: Free – $200.

Surfboards with a maximum length of 190 cm (6’2 ft) and a maximum weight of 23 kg (50 lbs) are considered standard baggage.

Max length: 190cm
Max weight: 23kg 50lbs

Finnair surfboard fees / baggage policy.

FLYBE – Surfboard fee: $40.

A handy UK airline for getting around our islands and across to Ireland. Not the biggest planes but good fares and for SW surfers having a hub at Exeter is a treat. Leave a bit of time to pay the bag fee at the airport.

Max length: 300cm
Max width: 24in
Max weight: 20kg

Flybe surfboard fees/ baggage policy.


Garuda Indonesia – Surfboard fee: Free.

Up to 23kg of other sporting equipment including:  Surfboards, Wind, Wave, Kite & Body boards, Para-sails, Para-gliders, Golf bag including balls & 1 pair of shoes, SCUBA tank (Empty) and other diving equipment,  Snow/Water Ski equipment comprising 1 pair skis or snowboard, poles, boots or 1 pair water skis or 1 slalom ski.

Special baggage is subject to space availability so please check with Garuda Indonesia Reservations on 1300 365 330 before issuing your ticket.

Max length: 300cm
Max width: 24in
Max weight: 23kg

Garuda Indonesia surfboard fees / baggage policy.

Gulf Air – Surfboard fee: –

Free board bag in addition to your hold bag.

Max length: 190cm
Max width: 75cm
Max weight: 32kg

Gulf Air surfboard fees / baggage policy.


Hainan Airlines – Surfboard fee: –

Hainan Airlines is liable for the damage to surfing board bags which have not been properly packaged into hard sided boxes. Excess value cannot be claimed for surfing boards.

Max length: 203cm
Max weight: 15kg

Hainan Airlines surfboard fees / baggage policy.

Hawaiian Airlines – Surfboard fee: $35 – $150.

Hawaiian Airlines surfboard fee- You can check up to two boards per container. $35 for domestic flights and $150 for international.

Max length: 292cm 115in
Max weight: 23kg

Hawaiian Airlines surfboard fees / baggage policy.

Hong Kong Airlines – Surfboard fee: $150

Surfboards are allowed up to two boards per bag. 

Max length: 203cm 80in
Max weight: 23kg

Hong Kong Airlines surfboard fees / baggage policy.


Iberia – Surfboard fee: Free – $50.

For long hauled flights your surfboard flies for free, short and medium haul flights you have to pay $50.

Max length: 350cm
Max weight: 23kg

Iberia airlines surfboard fees / baggage policy.

Iceland Air– Surfboard fee: $83 – $116

A maximum of 4 surfboards may be carried per flight. Please contact us at least 48 hours prior to departure to determine if there is enough room on board. 

Max length: 250cm
Max weight: 23kg

Iceland Air surfboard fees / baggage policy.

Interjet (Mexico) – Surfboard fee: Free.

Surfboard. You may choose to travel with a surfboard, kitesurfing equipment or a boogie board.

Max length: 138in 350cm
Max weight: 66lbs 30kg

Interjet (Mexico) surfboard fees / baggage policy.


Japan Airlines – Surfboard fee: $50-200.

Per bag, two boards allowed. Call ahead . Domestic flights run $50. If flying to Asia, Guam and Oceania from Japan it’s $100. For Asia, India and Oceania to and from Hawaii, North/Central/South America, Europe, Middle East and Africa it’s $200.

Japan Airlines surfboard fees / baggage policy.

Jet Blue – Surfboard fee: $100.

Per board each way, domestic and international. One surfboard per case; size and weight restrictions do not apply. Items weighing more than 100 pounds will not be accepted as checked baggage.  No surfboards allowed on flights to/from Bermuda, Haiti, Peru, Port of Spain, Santo Domingo and Santiago.

Max weight: 100lbs

Jet Blue airlines surfboard fees / baggage policy.

Jet Star – Surfboard fee: Free – overweight fee

You will have to pay for the extra weight, they combine your normal allowance and your surfboard together, if its more combined you will pay the difference. Plus a $20 handling fee.

Max length: 200cm – 277cm – plane depending
Max weight: 32kg

Jet Star airlines surfboard fees / baggage policy.


KLM – Surfboard fee: $75.

Surf equipment may contain a (wind, kite, wave, boogie or body) surf board and must be packed in a surf board bag.

Windsurf equipment may consist of a board, mast, sail and boom and must be packed in 1 package, preferably in a ‘quiver bag’.

Kite surf equipment may consist of a board and a kite bag and must be packed in 1 package, preferably in a kite bag.

Max length: 300cm 118in
Max weight: 32kg

KLM airlines surfboard fees / baggage policy.

Korean Air – Surfboard fee: $75 – $200.

The fins must be removed before packing into a shipping bag or container. Each board is charged per luggage (or per container).
Only boards with a total peripheral length of not more than 292 cm / 115 inches can be transported, and there is no extra size charge.

Exception (when travelling on a domestic flight in South Korea): Oversized baggage fees will be incurred if the windsurfing board exceeds 62 inches (158 cm).

Max dimensions: 292cm 115in
Max weight: 50lb

Korean Air surfboard fees / baggage policy.


Latam Chile – Surfboard fee: $70 – $150.

No stress with Chile’s national carrier either your bag goes as your allowance as long as it follows the rules. Handy in a county so long that internal flights are pretty essential unless you really love 30-hour road trips. Max three boards in a bag.

Max dimensions: 300cm
Max weight: 23kg

Latam Chile surfboard fees / baggage policy.

Lufthansa – Surfboard fee: $92 – $460.

Not an airline we’ve used but like KLM they can be good value and hopping to their European hub from the UK is not a bother. Well. It wouldn’t be if they didn’t charge for boards. One board per bag.

Max length: 200cm
Max weight: 32kg

Lufthansa surfboard fees / baggage policy.


Malaysia Airlines – Surfboard fee: $15 – $140.

Yes, you may bring your surfboards/windsurfing equipment that follows a combination of the following:-One surfboard/windsurfing equipment to a maximum length of 2.5 meters (250 cm or 98 inches).

Items over 2.5 meters in length shall not be accepted as checked baggage.

For windsurfing equipment; mast, boom and sail can also included, provided it is wrapped/packed as one single item.

Surfboard/windsurfing equipment will be carried as part of the free checked baggage allowance and will be subject to excess baggage charges, if overweight.

Max length: 2250cm
Max weight: 30kg

Malaysia Airlines surfboard fees / baggage policy.


Norwegian Airlines – Surfboard fee: $45 – $90.

Chasing the waves or wind? Only pack equipment directly related to your sport, and make sure your board’s no larger than 250 x 79 x 112 cm.

Max length: 250cm
Max width: 79cm 112cm
Max weight: 25kg

Norwegian Airlines surfboard fees / baggage policy.


Oman Air – Surfboard fee: Free .

Sporting Equipment as listed below may be accepted for carriage as checked-in baggage and as part of passenger’s standard baggage allowance. If the free baggage allowance (FBA) is exceeded, normal excess baggage charges apply.

Max length: 300cm

Oman Air surfboard fees / baggage policy.


Philippine Airline – Surfboard fee: $135 +

As you’d expect from Australia’s main airline they take boards for free. As with all the big players keep inside the rules or you’ll get stung excess.

Max length: 277cm
Max weight: 25kg

Philippine Airline surfboard fees / baggage policy.


Qantas – Surfboard fee: Free – $135.

To carry a surfboard or surf ski as baggage, fins must be removed where possible and placed in an enclosed compartment or taped to the board. Paddles must also be taped to the board. Qantas Check-in will attach a Fragile tag to the bag and you must complete and sign the limited release portion of the baggage tag.

Max length: 109in 277cm
Max width: 24in
Max weight: 70lb 32kg

Qantas surfboard fees / baggage policy.

Qatar Airways – Surfboard fee: $350 – $1750

Surfboards will be carried as checked baggage if they are less than 3 meters and the mast/sail is detachable, collapsible and adequately packed. Items with greater lengths will be carried as Cargo.  Quite an expensive way to travel with your board, might be cheaper to buy an extra ticket and sit next to your board for the flight.

Max length: 300cm
Max weight: 30kg

Qatar Airways surfboard fees / baggage policy.


Royal Air Maroc – Surfboard fee: Free – $300.

Surfboards allowed, prices differ between shortboards and destination. If you board fits under 23 kg and measuring up to 220x40x40cm it is free of charge.

Max length: 300cm
Max weight: 32kg

Royal Air Maroc surfboard fees / baggage policy.

Ryanair – Surfboard fee: $72.

Ryanair always gets their pound of flesh but they’ve committed to being more human and simplifying charges. Their fares are also ridiculously cheap. But when you add the board fees then there’s not much budget left about it.

Max length: 115in
Max weight: 20kg

Ryanair surfboard fees / baggage policy.


Saudi Arabian Airlines – Surfboard fee: Free – $300.

Saudi Arabian Airlines accept Sporting equipment and musical instruments as checked baggage if it is properly packed or inserted in special bags and its weight shall be counted as a part of free checked baggage allowance, in case the weight is more than the free baggage allowance excess baggage charge shall be collected as Saudi policy.

Max length: 200cm
Max weight: 23kg

Saudi Arabian Airlines surfboard fees / baggage policy.

Scandinavian Airlines – Surfboard fee: Free.

If your fights under 200cm and fit in your baggage allowance your board is free. More then that you have to register your board before the flight.

Max length: 200cm
Max weight: 32kg

Scandinavian Airlines surfboard fees / baggage policy.

Shenzhen Airlines – Surfboard fee: Quite expensive.

Under 23kg they charge $400, between 23kg-32kg its $600 and more then that its $800.

Max weight: 32kg

Shenzhen Airlines surfboard fees / baggage policy.

Singapore Airlines – Surfboard fee: Free – $240

Flying to Singapore is a joy, it’s one of the world’s leading airports and not a bad place for a layover. Singapore airlines run a new fleet of them fancy double-decker Airbuses so you can really travel in style. Board bags are part of your checked allowance also.

Max length: 200cm
Max weight: 32kg

Singapore Airlines surfboard fees / baggage policy.

South African Airways – Surfboard fee: Free.

A tricky one with SAA, board bags under two metres go as a free additional bag. Over two must go as cargo. So make sure you get your small print sorted if venturing to J-Bay. South African Airlines will allow a surfboard as an additional piece, not exceeding 50 lbs (23 kg) and 6’5 ft (200 cm), free of charge per passenger.Notes:  A surfboard bigger than 6’5 ft (200 cm), to be accepted strictly as cargo.

Max length: 200cm
Max width: 24in
Max weight: 23kg

South African Airways surfboard fees / baggage policy.

South West Airlines – Surfboard fee: $75.

when traveling on flights between the islands of Hawaii can be substituted for one checked bag. Keels and fins must be removed and placed in carryon or checked baggage. If the surfboard exceeds 50 pounds in weight, the surfboard will be accepted for an overweight baggage fee of $75 per item each way. Length and width restrictions do not apply. May be subject to a limited release of liability as outlined in the Contract of Carriage – Passenger.

Max length: 6.6ft
Max width: 24in
Max weight: 100lbs

SouthWest Airlines surfboard fees / baggage policy.

Spirit Airlines – Surfboard fee: $100.

Maximum two surfboards in one bag, $100 each way. Notes: You can bring your surfboard as checked baggage on your next trip for an extra charge ($100 each way). Please make sure to remove or protect your surfboard keels and/or kedges to prevent damage to it and other checked baggage. To save you more, you can put up to 2 similar items in a case together for the same price. Don’t worry – overweight and oversize fees do not apply to surf equipment. To add surf equipment to your reservation, please contact one of our reservation centers or visit a Customer Service Agent at the airport. *A limited liability release will need to be signed when traveling with surf equipment.

Max length: 115in
Max width: 24in
Max weight: 23kg

Spirit Airlines surfboard fees / baggage policy.

Sri Lankan – Surfboard fee: Free – $150

Any one of these items can be included in the Free Baggage allowance. If more than one set is carried, normal excess baggage charges shall apply for the extra set/s. Note: Windsurfing equipment consists of the board, boom and sail mast.

Max length: 118in
Max weight: 32kg

Sri Lankan surfboard fees / baggage policy.

Swiss Airlines – Surfboard fee: $80 – $460.

For smooth execution please check-in your sports equipment no later than 1 hour before counter closing. Prices differ between shortboard/longboards and domestics/international flights.

Max length: 315cm
Max weight: 70lb 32kg

Swiss Airlines surfboard fees / baggage policy.


TAP Portugal – Surfboard fee: $70 – $185.

Longboards accepted, price will differ depending on shortboards or longboards and domestic and intercontinental flights.

Max length: 200cm and over
Max weight: 32kg

TAP Portugal surfboard fees / baggage policy.

Thai Airways – Surfboard fee: $100 – $200.

Surfboard/Windsurf A board (up to 2m in length) :  charge 1 Unit rate, A board (exceeding 2m in length) : charge 2 Unit rate.

Thai Airways surfboard fees / baggage policy.

Tianjin Airlines – Surfboard fee: Contact airline

For the routes which baggage restricted by piece, consignment of sports equipment, the following items, regardless of their actual size (the sum of the three sides of the baggage must not exceed 203 cm), are considered to be one piece of baggage whose sum of the three sides does not exceed 62 inches (158 cm).

Max dimensions: 203cm
Max weight: 70lb

Tianjin Airlines surfboard fees / baggage policy.

Turkish Airlines – Surfboard fee: $60

The surf board shall be packaged with its nose and tail covered with bubble wrap or foam plus the sides supported to soften blows in a way to prevent damage and carried in its special bag. 

Max length: 292cm 115in
Max width: 60cm 24in
Max weight: 70lb

Turkish Airlines surfboard fees / baggage policy.

Transavia Airlines – Surfboard fee: $55.

The maximum weight limit for water sports equipment is 32 kg. You can bring a surfboard, waveboard, kitesurfing board or bodyboard with you.Mast and board should not be longer than 3.60 meters.

Are you packing your water sports equipment in a bag? If so, you cannot put any other items, such as clothing, in this bag.

Max length: 360cm
Max weight: 32kg

Transavia Airlines surfboard fees / baggage policy.


United Airlines – Surfboard fee: $100 – $200.

United Airlines- You can check one case, holding up to two boards, for $100 per board each way within North America and $200 each way when traveling abroad from North America. Fees vary for travel between foreign countries. United surfboard fees.

Max length: 115in
Max width: 24in
Max weight: 23kg

United Airlines surfboard fees / baggage policy.


Virgin Australia – Surfboard fee: $40 – $140.

Sporting equipment can be accepted as checked baggage. The maximum dimensions for sporting equipment are as follows. Weight: 70 lbs Height: 38 inches Length: 9 ft Width: 32 inches Each piece of sporting equipment will count towards your piece allowance, with each item classified as one piece.Surfboards may only be accepted onboard if packaged in a protective covering, with padded protection around the fin area. Virgin Australia recommends surfboard fins be removed where possible and placed in an enclosed compartment.

Max length: 275cm
Max width: 80cm x 96cm
Max weight: 70lbs 32kg

Virgin Australia surfboard fees /baggage policy.

Virgin Atlantic – Surfboard fee: Free.

Whether you’re surfin’ USA or another of our destinations, you’re welcome to bring your surfboard or boogie board on Virgin Atlantic flights as part of your baggage allowance.

Your board musn’t exceed our standard dimensions of 190cm x 75cm x 65cm (75″ x 30″ x 26″) and 23kg in weight.

Max length: 190cm
Max width: 75cm x 65cm
Max weight: 23kg

Virgin Atlantic surfboard fees / baggage policy.

Vueling – Surfboard fee: $50 – $60.

Vueling surfboard fees / baggage policy.


WestJet – Surfboard fee: $20 – $50.

All boards must have the skeg/fin removed, be padded, and packed properly to prevent damage to the board, sail and other baggage.

Max length: 300cm
Max weight: 70lbs

WestJet airlines surfboard fees / baggage policy.

Wizz Jet – Surfboard fee: Check with Airline

Wizz Jet are a budget airline for mainly traveling around Europe and Eastern Europe.

Max length: 171cm
Max width: 119cm x 149cm
Max weight: 32kg

Wizz Jet surfboard fees / baggage policy.




Top Tip: When flying with your surfboard check the airlines surfboard fees first to work out the best prices.

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