Top Surf Ponchos.

Surf ponchos, keeping decency and car park warmth since 19–. Ponchos provide a portable changing room and are a great way to keep warm before and after surfing. When I want to switch surf spots I don’t need to change out of my wetsuit, I just throw a poncho on and it keeps the water from soaking into my car seat.

Slow Tide changing towel.


A one size fits most portable changing room poncho. The cool aztec designed poncho is made from soft cotton and is super absorbent. The Slow Tide poncho has been tested to the OEKO-TEX 100 which means its materials aren’t made from harmful to humans substances.

Voited winter surf poncho.


This super warm winter poncho is made from recycled materials. Aside from being insanely comfortable it is also super strong and made from ripstop so it will be easy to repair. Micro fibre towel on the inside and water and wind resistant on the outside.

How to be an eco surfer?

Rip Curl winter surf poncho.

ripcurl winter surf poncho

This winter poncho is waterproof and windproof. Thanks to the lining you are still dry and warm. Designed to allow plenty of room to get easily changed inside of it while staying warm dry and fully protected.

Hit Turbo hooded poncho.

colorful surf poncho

The surf swim robe poncho towel, not only provided some privacy while changing in and out of the wetsuit, but also provided some much needed protection from the cold. Comes in a couple different designs for males and females.

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