Wetsuit changing mats and surfing changing mats 2022

Best Surf Changing Mat

What are the best surfing changing mats?

Surf changing mats or wetsuit changing mats are used to protect your expensive wetsuits from rubbing and damaging on hard surfaces. It is pretty convenient to be able to get changed on a dry clean changing mat and then fold it up with your wetsuit inside. Using a changing mat stops tiny stones and debris from getting into your suit which can cause damage over time. Changing mats are also fold-able so you can keep all your wet stuff neatly stored for when you finally get home. When you get home it is import to dry out your wet suit properly in order to prolong its life.

Dorsal Surfers Changing Pad

Wetsuit Changing Pad

Dorsal make some good stuff and this is one of them, this cool surfing changing pad is comfy on the toes and makes some heads turn in the car park. The stylish surfer changing mat is 60cm x 60cm and is great for all surfaces.

Leipupa Wetsuit Changing Pad and Dry Bag

Changing mat and dry bag surfing

Leipupa’s changing mat is super convenient, with its round shape and easy to use draw string its able to close and keep your wet wetsuit secure. This surfing changing mat is made out of durable materials and has a diameter of 85cm.

Osprey Wetsuit Beach Changing Mat

The Osprey wetsuit changing mat is heavy duty and big with a diameter of 100cm. Place it on the ground, step into the centre and get changed on a clean surface. In addition the mat acts a a place to stand, the changing mat double up as a bag so you can keep your dry and wet stuff separate.

Malo’o Neoprene Changing Mat

Surfing Wetsuit Mat

The Malo’o changing mat is made out of 4mm oneoprene. With the extra padding you don’t feel as much of the rough ground, it also rolls up small and is easy to store. The large changing pad is large and gives you enough space to comfortably change out of your wetsuit, its 91cm x 76cm.

Cor Surf Changing Pad

Surf Changing Mat

Stop ruining your wetsuit. Changing out of your wetsuit on the concrete shortens the lifespan of your suit. Take care of your suit and get the COR Surf changing mat. This is a super tough waterproof changing mat or wet bag is perfect for changing out of your wetsuit and leaving in your car. Can be washed down – Water tight and won’t leak if damp wetsuit is left inside.

Top Tip: If you are in a pinch you can also use a bucket.

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