Best surfboard straps and tie downs for your car

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Surfboard Tie Down Straps For Your Car

When tying down your boards on top of your car it’s better to know you have a reliable surfboard straps. The amount of times I’ve been driving with my hand out the window just to check the boards are still on is unreal.

A lot of surf straps aren’t specifically designed for the sometimes fragile surfboards, especially if you aren’t using a board bag while your board is on your roof racks.

Dakine Baja Tie Down Straps – 12′

Surfboard Tie Down

Some funky colored surfboard straps by Dakine. These heavy duty 35mm width straps are over 3.5 meters long and work great for tying down your surfboards to your car. The neoprene buckle housing ensures the cam won’t scratch your board.

Dorsal Surfboard straps

Surfboard Strap

What it fails in width it makes up for it in length, the Dorsal 25mm strap is over 4.5m long so is great for more/wider boards. Strong and a corrosion proof buckle. With the extra length its also possible to tie down one surfboard with just one strap.

BPS ‘No Scratch’ Premium Surfboard straps

No scratch Neoprene Tie Down

The BPS scratch proof surfboard tie down straps come in 4 different sizes ranging from 3.6 meters to 4.8 meters. The larger longer ones come with a useful dry bag. Well designed and great quality a great surfboard strap for roof rack.

Oceanbroad Roof Rack surf straps

Surfboard Car Strap

Oceanbroad surfboard tie downs made with UV resistant webbing and a heavy duty cam buckle. 25MM width strap that is about 4.2meters long, the surfboard straps are suitable for; SUP boards, and surfboards. A more affordable surfboard strap.

No Scratch Silicon Tie Down

No scratch Tie Down

A soft surfboard strap which is strong and designed to help protect your car and surfboards from scratches. This surf strap is 2.70 meters long, so able length to tie down your surfboard. This is one of the best surfboard straps for roof racks and your board.

Top Tip: If you were once a boy scout or a sailor a taught tension knot will work just as well.

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