Best surfboard socks and surfboard bags

Surfboard bags Surfboard socks

What are the best surfboard socks and surfboard travel bags.

If you have just bought a new shiny board and you want to keep it as perfect as possible for as long as possible you might be in the market for a surfboard bag. They help to protect your surfboard from any unwanted dings and scratches. Taking care of your board is important as it can help it last a lot longer.

What makes a good surfboard sock or surfboard bag? A bag that offers the protection level you need. Surfboard socks help protect your surfboard while its in your car or tied down with ratchet straps and a surfboard bag has greater protection if you want to travel or fly with your surfboard.

WooWave Surfboard Sock

Soft surfboard sock

A good surfboard sock that comes in different sizes from 6ft to 9ft, it has that extra bit of stretch so you could fit your slightly longer log inside. The soft fabric helps to stop small damages to your board, but not great if you are sometimes careless. This is a great surfboard sock if you want to keep your board in your car or tie it down onto your roof racks. I’m not sure, but maybe the googly eyes will keep you company on a long drive to your favourite surf spot.

John John Florence Dakine Surfboard Travel Bag

Surfboard travel bag

A board bag that is designed by the infamous John John Florence. Made from strong 420D Nylon Ripstop which is lightweight and durable. The bag shape is made for thruster boards but can fit most shortboards.

Longboard Surfboard Travel Bag PRO-LITE

The mother of all surfboard travel bags, this PRO-LITE bag is designed for 2-4 surfboards with an option for an 8ft surfboard. Comes with wheels and endless pockets to store all your fins and other surf kit. The large top pocket has a mesh bottom for your wet kit after a session.

Ocean Board Board Bag and Travel Case

surfboard bag travel sock

One of the best surfboard travel bags out there. Comes in all sizes up to 10ft for your extra long log. This bag offers great protection when compared to price. If you plan on keeping your fins on when using this bag make sure to buy a bag that is one size bigger.

Longboard Surfboard Bag and Board Sock

A good lightweight surfboard bag that comes with a 12 month warranty. With the rounded nose its really designed for long boards, but if you want a one size fits all kind of deal then this is a great fit.

Top Tip: You can use foam pipe insulation to protect the sides of your surfboard when travelling long distances.

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