10 Surf Stocking Filler Gifts for surfers.

Looking for some small surf stocking fillers for your surfing friend, partner, or spouse? Take a look at our quick list of 10 stocking filler gifts for surfers for under $20. Some of the best gifts for surfers.

1 – Chums Floating Wallet.

surf wallet

A bright yellow floating surf wallet by Chums, this cash and card slim wallet is a perfect surf stocking filler. Not suggesting you should go surfing with your wallet but just in case you do, this wallet floats. This slim neoprene surfers wallet comes with a handy loop for your keys or perhaps a surf comb.

2 – Conscious Surf Socks.

surfing socks

Conscious step organic cotton fair trade vegan socks that protect oceans. The socks are made from 75% Organic Cotton, 15% Elastane, 8% Polyamide, and 2% Spandex. Apart from their appeasing design they also help protect our oceans, an easy way to slowly become an environmentally conscious surfer. Most surfers would be happy having some of these filling their surf stockings.

3 – Casio Surf Watch.

surfing watch

More the likely the best watch ever made. The Casio F-91W is just the perfect friend, it’s honest, loyal, low maintenance, trustworthy, and a great listener. It’s not always fun knowing the time when you are surfing, but for those occasions before work its somewhat important. Comes with an alarm.

4 – Original Surfboard Patent Poster Prints, Set of 6 (8×10) .

surfing poster

Six cool original patent surfing posters, these 8″ x 10″ pictures come frame less, find some ikea frames and these would great on any wall. Perfect for a living room or just your surfboard den. These are high quality fuji crystal paper posters of old surfboard designs.

5 – The Endless Summer II DVD.

surfing dvd

Just a classic surf movie for all ages, Endless Summer Two is not just a surf movie its one of adventure. Follow Robert aWingnuta Weaver and Pat OaConnell on their exploration. DVD format. Keeping it new old school.

6 -Fifty Places to Surf Before You Die: Surf Book.

surfing book

50 places to surf before you die is really a great collection of some perfect waves around the world. A great gift for surfers. Perfect to dream to!

7 -GoFloats Body Surfing Handboard.


A fun little tool to have in the back of your car. If you want to catch some big shore break waves this hand board is perfect. It floats and the hand board is made from plastic so its not going to corrode.

8 – LEGO Surfer in Black and Lime Wetsuit.

surf toy

Lime green lego surfer dude toy. Perfect little toy to add into a stocking. Plus he looks stoked all the time. The board doesn’t require wax.

9 – Northcore Wooden Comb.

wooden surf comb

The Northcore surf wax comb is a great tool for removing wax from your surfboard, its also one of the only surf wax combs made out of wood.

10 – Mr.Zogs Sexwax

mr.zogs sexwax

Mr.Zogs Sex wax is one of the most iconic surf wax brands works as both base coat and top coat wax. Tropical coconut smell to sniff while you surf those waves.

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Top Tip: Instead of using a stocking or sack, tie a knot at the end of the legs and arms, hey presto, a surfers christmas sack.

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