Men's Leather Surf Sandals

Best Men’s Leather Surf Sandals

Men’s leather surf sandals have been worn for decades due to their comfort and durability. Sandals for surfers truly offer great way to enjoy the sand between your toes but still give you sole the protection you need while you are rock hoping. Beaches are becoming more and more littered with ocean and human waste, wearing a leather sandal with a thick sole might just protect you from the odd rouge nail or sharp glass. Below is a list of the best quality men’s leather surf sandals.

1 – Quicksilver Men’s Tan Leather Sandals

Quicksilver Mens Leather Sandals

Quicksilvers have been making some of the best rated surf sandals since the company started. These tan colored sandals offer great comfort around the strap and the sole of the sandal.

2 – Reef Men’s Twinpin Brown Leather Sandals

Reef Leather Surf Sandals

Reef is one of the leading surf brands who have been specializing in men’s surf sandals since 1984 when they made their unique striped men’s sandal. The Reef Mens Twinpin Sandal is no exception, years of quality design is always going into each sandal.

3 – Sanuk Beer Cozy Comfortable Sandals

Sanuk Surf Leather Sandals

Sanuk a company which was formed in the 90’s in the UK. Their leather surf sandals offer great comfort and support for the soles of your feet. A pair of good surf sandals that will last.

4 Quiksilver Men’s Carver Squish Flip-Flop

Quicksilver Comfortable Good Surf Sandals

Quicksilver Men’s Carver flip flops in black and brown, a strong and dependable pair of surf walking sandals. Another pair of good surf sandals.

5 – Reef Men’s Affordable Sandals

Reef Affordable Leather Sandals

Reef’s affordable men’s sandal is still made from leather, a cool way for your toes to enjoy the sand and air while they are still safe and comfortable. These surf wear sandals, are not just for those on a budget, they also hold their own compared to other other sandals of a similar price.

6 – Quiksilver Men’s Brown Leather Surf Sandals

Quicksilver men's leather tan sandals

Quicksilver men’s carver nubuck sandals have a three layer sole system to ensure support and durability. A pair of men’s surf sandals that will last a decade of use.

7 – Reef Men’s CUSHION PHANTOM Sandal

Surf Sandals Reef

Reef Men’s Cushion sandals are light on the feet and are the most comfortable surf sandals I have worn to date. The soft strap also makes sure the tops of your feet are protected too.

Top Tip: Take care of your leather sandals and they will take care of you.

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