Must Have Surf Accessories

Must have surf accessories

Surfing can be an expensive hobby. New surfboards cost a bundle and wet suits for all seasons often can cost a lot more than a surfboard. Once you come to grips with the money you spent on the bare necessities it can be daunting to think about spending another fortune on accessories. Some of these would make great surfing accessories gifts.

The good news is there are plenty of surfing accessories that costs less than $25 (US). I’ve put together a list of my favorite 15 surf accessories, and they often cost a lot less than $25. But I don’t think of them as “budget” or “cheap” items. These are valuable tools I would want in my surf kit bag even if money was no object. The combination of value and low cost means they make great surf gifts too.

1 – Surf Leash – Slash Premium Surf Leash.

A super dependably strong surf leash at an affordable price. The cool black surf leash comes in different sizes fit for your short or long surfboard. It has the standard swivel bolt to stop your leash from becoming twisted.

2 – Surfboard Bag – Uceder Lightweight Surfboard bag .

A soft surfboard bag that helps to keep your board save from scratches. This bag is not designed or safe for travelling as cargo on an airplane, but its a great way to keep your surfboard safe when travelling in your car.

3 – Surf Zinc Sunscreen – Clear Zinc.

It’s no question that sun safety is very important, this 30 grams of clear surf sun zinc is an essential to any surf bag. A vegan and reef safe option, a natural sunscreen means that it doesn’t have an affect on the environment as it gets washed off.

4 – Leather Surf Sandals – Mens Reef Leather Sandals.

Men’s leather sandals a staple for all beach goers. Leather sandals not only give comfort but also durability, plastic ones work fine but you need to turn up to the beach in style. Find some of the most affordable and comfortable mens leather sandals.

5 – Surf Poncho – Changing Poncho.

Surf Poncho

Surf ponchos are a super useful way to get changed and stay dry after a surf. Most surf ponchos are normally made for the summer months, if your in a colder climate a winter surf poncho would work better.

6 – Surf Fin Key -SBS Surf Fin Key .

A surf fin key is a must have surf accessory, its a good idea to take and wash your find out after a surf. This helps to prevent salt and rust build up and makes your surfing equipment last for longer.

7 – Surf Wax – Mr. Zogs Surf Wax .

Surf wax is used to help stick you to your surfboard, there are lots of different surf wax companies out there. A new movement to go back to eco surf wax made with ingredients like honey instead of petrolatum based surf waxes.

8 – Surfing Changing Mat – 51 Inch surf mat .

A large wetsuit mat come bag, which is a great way to protect your wetsuit from rubbing on the ground and stop it from getting dirty. A surfing changing mat really helps you keep your car clean and tidy after a surf. If you board has a bag why does’t your wetsuit.

9 – Surf Comb – Pali Surf Tool Set .

A great surf comb surf tool, I good one stop shop if you are tight on space. Believe it or not but there is even a bottle opener hidden in the middle of the tool.

10 – Surf Board Repair Kit – Ding repair kit.

Ding repair kit is a must have surf accessory, sometimes you need that quick surfboard fix if the waves are too good to pass up on. Taking your board to the shop can take a while and also sometimes cost more then the board.

11 – Surfboard Strap Tie Down – Dakine Surfboard Straps.

Some funky coloured surfboard straps by Dakine. These heavy duty 35mm width straps are over 3.5 meters long and work great for tying down your surfboards to your car. The neoprene buckle housing ensures the cam won’t scratch your board. Check out some different type of surfboard tie down straps.

12 – Spare Surfboard Fin – Cheap Surfboard Fins.

Cheap Surfboard Fins

If your in a pinch and you have lost or broken one of you nice fins, having a cheap set of fins means you’ll still be able to get out into the water.

13 – Surfboard Wall Mount – Bamboo Board Wall Wood Racks.

Ever wanted to either display your surfboard on your wall or try to save some and get your surfboard of the floor. These wooden surfboard wall racks work great, works for a longboard and a shortboard.

14 – Surfing DVD – The Endless Summer DVD.

A complete classic of a surf movie. A fun light hearted movie that truly encapsulates the joy of surfing. The Endless Summer is really a must watch movie.

15 – Surf Book – Barbarian Days A Surfing Life.

This is a famous surfing book for non surfers. William Finnegans memoir which passes his life of surfing adventures is a great read. A very talented surfer and writer, he brings you around his life and will for sure evoke some deep emotions.

All these also make great gifts for surfers or even stocking fillers. Sometimes its the little gifts that make surfers happy, one of my favourite little gifts to give a friend in the car park is a new piece of wax. Honestly the amount of smiles you get just by giving a buddy a $3 piece of wax is priceless.

Top Tip: Just because it’s cheap doesn’t mean it’s not quality.



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