Surf Toy and Games

The best surfing games and surfing toys of all time.

Old or young, big or small everyone loves toys, and surfers are no different. If your surfer kid is soon to be a riper why not stimulate hers/his imagination with some surf toys. We have put together some of the coolest surf toys for inside or outside, from surfing action figures to surfing puzzles.

1 – Batman Surfing Toy

Batman Surfing

Even when batman is at the beach he doesn’t wear speedos. This cool vintage throwback batman and his bat board, are from the 1966 Batman TV show. A great figurine for a solo display piece or if you need your hero with you before you paddle out to a big set. Batman is at pro level inventing a new style of goofy foot.

2 – Cool Surf Boy Pool Board

Surf Toy In The Pool

This is the only way you can prepare for grabbing rail on-land. A fun little surfboard to practice some balance under the water. Style included the googles are not.

3 – The Endless Summer Puzzle Game

Endless Summer Puzzle

Got to get people into the Endless summer surf vibe, a 500 piece puzzle board game of the iconic Endless Summer In Search Of The Perfect Wave. Comes to 14 x 19 when you have put all the blank pink a oranges together.

4 – Cool Surf Slip and Slide

Kids Slip and Slide Surf

I mean these kids are having so much fun with these slip and slide their changing reality. Don’t forget you are also buying the box which is a piece of art just in itself, buy a slip and slide and get some modern art for free.

5 – Toy Boarders Mini Surfers

Surfing Action Army Men

Toy Boarders no longer Toy Soldiers, a message to put down the guns and surf. A 24 piece set of little surfing army men, great as little gifts or a full pack.

6 – Surfing Teddy Bear for Dogs

Surfing Crocodile

Surfs up Mr. Crocodile teddy bear for dogs. A soft plushy to make a more surfing crocodile vibe to your house, a great surf dog toy with a super loud squeaker. Give your pup a little surfer dude teddy bear to sleep with at night. The loud squeaker and the surfboard has a crinkling sound so your dog might love to rip it to shreds.

7 – Monopoly Surfing Edition

Monopoly Surf Game

Monopoly goes surfing the same traditional monopoly game but with 22 surfing destinations. It just as fun as the classic with a beachy/surfing edge. A great game to play while waiting for the swell to pick back up. The pieces are great too!

Monopoly Surf Pieces

Monopoly pieces have under gone a slight make over, play as anything from a shark to some surf wax. Other options are some flip flops, an actual surfer, a surf bike, and a old school surf wagon.

8 – Lego Friends Surf Shop

Lego Beach Surf House

Lego friends surf shop comes with a couple surfboards and a kayak, even comes with a little friendly seal. A total of 186 Lego pieces the 41315 Lego set is for 6-12 years of age.

9 – Little Surfer Dude Boomerang

Surfing Toy

This guy actually surfs, throw him in the ocean and he will surf the waves back to you. Either play this surfing game with your child or on the days when you can’t surf take this little guy down to the shore. Or even test him out and see if he can charge a shore break slab.

10 – Surfing Puzzle Board Game

Surfing Puzzle

A truly crazy puzzle, the picture looks like a mix of semi cutout surfboards with some retro surfboard art. 350 piece puzzle looks easy and fun enough.

Top Tip: Give to a toy to a child as a toy and to an adult a memory.

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