Best Beach Dog Gear

The best surf gear for you and your dog to make sure your dog is safe at the beach.

Dogs love the beach just as much as you. Whether your’re just going to the beach for a dog walk, your dog is an up and coming surfer, or your pup can relax on the beach while you surf, kitting out your pup with dog beach gear.

While your surfing with your dog or just relaxing catching some rays, nothing could help you relax more then knowing your dog is safe while he/she is at the beach. Here is a list of the ten best pieces of beach gear for your dogs.

1 – Dog Poncho Towel by Barkbox

Surf Towel For Dogs

A cute way to dry your pet when you are leaving the beach. A machine washable dog towel that is tumble dryer safe so you can keep it clean and your dog dry. The surf towel for dogs comes in 3 sizes so there will by one for your little or big pup.

2 – Dog Beach Shelter and Canopy

Dog Beach Bed and Shade

A great dog tent / shelter to make sure your dog is not too hot at the beach. The raised bed promote air flow to help keep the bed cool on a hot day. The added canopy helps to protect your dog from the suns rays. Make sure your dog is safe at the beach and give him the opportunity to enjoy it more.

3 – Beach Dog Shoes by QUMY

Dog Shoes For The Beach

Most dog owners have seen the videos of dogs trying these for the first time. That is reason enough to get some dog shoes for the beach. During the heat of summer sand gets hot, with these you can still take your dog for a walk on the beach. Shoes are great, but also Natural Dog Company sell soothing dog paw protection, called pawtection.

Dog Feet Protection Cream

4 – Dog Life Jacket by Ruffwear

Surf Dog Life Jacket

A must have for your surf dog, this life jacket comes with a strong grab handle so you can lift your dog out of harms way. An easy to use and comfortable dog life jacket, if you want to get your dog into surfing this is a must.

5 – Dog Hawaiian Shirt

Dog Hawaiian Shirt

When your looking fresh with your new thread at the beach, you have to keep your dog looking sharp. This fun dog Hawaiian shirt is perfect for any Luau or even for a Halloween dress up. A lightweight and breathable way to keep your dog looking and feeling cool at the beach.

6 – Dog Beach Trolley

Dog Trolley Beach

Sometimes for a trip to the beach requires more then just a towel and with dogs there is even more gear to bring. This fold-able beach trolley is less then a meter long and less the half a meter wide. Even includes two mesh beer holders.

7 – Microfiber Towel Quick drying

Dog Towel Quick drying

A great way to get your dog dry after a trip to the ocean. A quick drying machine washable dog towel, with the added extra of a nice massage for your furry friend.

8 – Dog Neck Cooler by AFP

Dog Neck Cooler

A cooling neck bandanna for your dog, it works on its own and helps to keep your dog cool. For the best effect, dip it into water and the place in your fridge, its a sure way to keep your dog cool in the summer heat!

9 – Easy to use dog water bottle

Dog Drinking Water Bottle

An easy to use dog water bottle and dog drinking bowl. Easy and portable to carry around with you. Squeeze the bottle and your dog can drink. Perfect for dog walks or to stop sand from getting into your standard dog bowl.

10 – Dog Leash

Beach Dog Leash

This may look like an ordinary dog leash, but this dog leash is a lot stronger then most. A way to make sure your dog is safe and secure when you are out for your beach walks.

We come to the end of looking at dog beach gear. Hopefully some of these help you and you pup have great days at the beach!

Top Tip: Watch out for that hot sand on your dogs feet.

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